Defensive Pistol Training

I conduct Defensive Pistol Training as part of my personal mission to educate and empower others with the knowledge of how and why a gun works. I love helping individuals understand and develop firearm skills that could be life-saving.

Mondays and Tuesdays, I make appointments to teach basic pistol at our local range. I would love to meet with you. I train individuals who have a fear of firearms or have never shot a gun. We talk about how a pistol works, what makes the bullet leave the gun, etc. Knowledge is power.

We discuss how to correctly hold a firearm before we even enter the range. It makes a difference in the recoil. Properly held the recoil is less. Then we shoot targets. The first is to get a feel for the firearm and how to use the sights for accuracy; the second for the movement within a target; and finally we finish with defensive shooting skills working with muscle memory.

Upon completion of our Defensive Pistol Training, you leave the range with confidence in handling a firearm and a new skill set to defend yourself. If this something you would like to experience, please contact me at 623-694-9096.

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