Personal Safety and Situational Awareness Classes

“S.A.F.E.” by Cyndee Harding

Cyndee Harding presents her ‘S.A.F.E.-Situational Awareness For Everyone’ educational series to provide situational awareness and personal safety training.

Active Shooter Survival

This class teaches three essential steps to surviving an active “shooter”. The term active shooter does not always mean a firearm, it could be a knife, car or anything used to create mass casualties. Give your employees the tools to protect themselves and others. Learn how to protect yourself In this presentation, as an group, you will learn to work together to create a safe space for you and other employees.

Remember: Your body can not do what your mind has never considered.

It is time to consider what you and others can do to protect lives and reduce casualties. This is a proactive class to consider alternatives and strategies to empower. Have a plan, be confident in the skills acquired, and work together.

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