Why did I create a purse line? Necessity is the mother of all inventions. I needed a real purse, a purse that would be my everyday purse. I have carried a firearm in my purse for several years and was disappointed with the quality, style and look of the purse. So, I decided to design a purse that I would like to carry. The result is Cyndee’s Conceal Carry Purse line. I knew I wanted something that was sophisticated as well as secure.

Cyndee’s Conceal Carry Purse Line

All the leather is hand selected to ensure the quality, color and texture. My purses have a designated pocket with locking zippers for your firearm. It has ambidextrous access, so you lock the side not being used (that way you never grab your gun by the muzzle). We designed a coin with our logo to use as a marker, that way you never put your purse on your shoulder facing the wrong direction. The cell phone pocket is between the leather and the carry pocket to eliminate the imprinting of your pistol.

The handbag is design with the carry pocket in the center of the purse, this allows the purse to stand straight when you sit it down. The purses have an adjustable holster with back straps that close with magnetic snaps, so once you set the position of the gun, it is secure. It will be in the same place every time. To access, simply unzip and unsnap.

I use paisley fabric for the liners in all my purses and if you look carefully at my logo, you will find a firearm concealed within. The interior of the purse has three pockets the depth of the purse and on the opposite side a small zippered pocket for checkbook or credit cards.

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Made In The USA

Once I had the components of the handbag, I began to search a manufacture that was in the United States. I was not interested in having my purses made overseas. My handbags are made in northern Arizona. My bags are hand crafted, with detail in each stitch. Each purse is assembled with utmost care to ensure that each purse is not only gorgeous but functional. It is important that our production in the United States. I’m proud to have “Made in the USA” label in my purses.

I am in love with the handbags. Each style is named for the woman that inspired me for that purse. Each production run is limited, unique with the leather, liner and hardware. If you see one that “speaks” to you, buy it. The next run will have different colors, hardware and combinations. The purses are made in sets of 10 or 20 with 50 being the maximum. You will have a purse that is not only a limited edition but can be used every day, everywhere.

We are employing Americans making products in the United States. We have six styles currently scheduled for production. I am sure you will find one that is perfect for you!

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