Do You Have What Every Burglar Is Looking For?

I am almost certain you do. If not all six, then at least the top three. What are they looking for? How can you protect your valuables?

  1. Cash: This is one the top of the list because its untraceable, doesn’t need to be exchanged to have its value (sold or pawned) and it will fit in anyone’s back pocket. Do not have large amounts of cash in your home. If you have a safe that is not bolted to the floor, it is possible they will take the entire safe. Keep your money in the bank.
  2. Prescription Drugs: Prescription drugs have become an increasing problem and the street value of it continues to climb. Discard of any leftovers or expired prescriptions. Check with your pharmacy about the proper way to dispose.
  3. Jewelry: Most of us have those heirloom pieces that we treasure. Be proactive and keep an inventory of your jewelry complete with pictures and description. These are a target because there are so many shops that buy gold, silver and precious stones. Burglars can turn your jewelry into quick cash. If you have very expensive jewelry, you may consider a safety deposit box at your financial institution. The annual fee is minimal.
  4. Electronics: TVs and gaming consoles are on the list because of their accessibility. Walk into any home, you will see a large flat screen TV and gaming console in the family room. The best way to protect yourself is to have an inventory of your electronics, complete with pictures, descriptions and serial numbers. According to SafeWise report, without this information, less than five percent of stolen electronics are ever recovered.
  5. Computers, Smart Phones And Tablets: Just like electronics, these items are often left out in the open. They are easy to remove and can be sold quickly on the street or pawned. Most devices contain sensitive personal information. Be sure to”lock” your devices, requiring a password to have access. Back up your personal files (tax returns, etc) on an external hard drive that is in a secure place or in a safe.
  6. Firearms: Your firearms are one of the easiest items to sell and they have a carry a high premium. Guns safes and locked gun cabinets are a great determent. They require time to try and open. Time that a thief often does not have. Be sure safes and cabinets are bolted to the floor. Keep a record of the firearms, complete with pictures, description and serial numbers.

Follow These Simple Guidelines And You Secure Your Possessions

If you are robbed, you will have the information necessary to increase your chances of recovering your “stuff”. Remember thieves are looking for easy targets. Make sure you and your home are not targets.

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