Have you ever stood on the sidewalk outside of your home? In the dark? What you see is what “others” see. Others, being individuals that would enter your home uninvited and take your possessions, possibility your life. What does your house say to them, “Come in, no one is paying attention or move along, I am not your victim today”.

There Are Three Simple Steps To Making Your Home Un-inviting To “Others”:

  1. Make Sure That All Shrubs/bushes Are No Higher Than The Average Waist: Why, someone could hide behind them and gain access to your home. Unfriendly shrubs/bushes would be even better. Roses, bougainvillea and cactus are perfect candidates for the job. unsafe hedges around house
  2. Purchase A Security Screen Door: This is a metal door that attaches to your home in front of your regular front door. They are difficult to break/kick in to gain access. The doors are designed to allow the homeowner to see out but the person on the other side can not see in. The door has a dead bolt as well as a locking handle. There is typically a steel plate in front of the deadbolt, which prevents criminals from sawing through the lock. These doors are available in a variety of styles and designs. Utilitarian doors are a thing of the past, these doors can reflect your personal style.                                                                                                                                                                security screen door
  3. Walk Around The Front Of Your House (In The Dark): Are there areas that are dimly lit? If so, install a solar motion detection flood light. These are available at hardware stores and require limited installation. No electricity or batteries required.

Safer Home

Look at your house in the dark and make sure that your house sends the message that those uninvited to “move along, I am not your victim today”.

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