Constitutional Carry State

After learning all the components and parts of a firearm and how it really works, I decided that in this crazy, unsure world, I wanted to be able to protect myself and my loved ones should the need arise.

In Arizona, we are a constitutional carry state. In the simplest of words, it means you as a citizen of Arizona have the right to carry a firearm as open carry or concealed with or without a permit. Open carry is not an option for me in this phase of my life right now conceal carry is my choice.

In the beginning of carrying a firearm, I did not consistently carry. I had my real purse (that I lived in) and I had a carry purse. I was constantly changing between the two and often would have to stop and wonder if I had my gun or not. This was the launching point of creating my purse line (That is for another post how to find the safest way to carry off body).

If you are going to carry, carry everyday. This helps develop the mindset of effectively and safely carry your firearm. I know that my gun is always in my purse.

I never set it down and leave it, even to go get a drink at a restaurant. If I go the restroom in a public place, it goes with me. It is treated like a newborn, always in my reach. When I come into my home, I put away up high (on top of a hutch or refrigerator) out of reach of little or big hands. I don’t have to think where is my purse or where is my gun, when company comes over.

Responsible gun ownership is not just knowing how to properly handle a firearm, it is knowing where it is at all times.

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