Cyndee’s Conceal Carry purses were at the Crossroads of the West gun show in Phoenix in December. We love getting out and meeting women to educate them about how to carry their firearm safely, and how our holster system, genuine American leather, and locking zippers really make our American-made purses a cut above the rest. Learn the Four Non-Negotiable Features In A Conceal Carry Purse Here.

We recently hit 2,000 likes on Facebook, just in time for the New Year! We gave away a Cyndee’s Conceal Carry range hat to our 2,000th fan to say “thank you,” and we are grateful for each of our fans and your support in our American-made endeavor!

Introduction to Handguns

One of the things that I enjoy the most as a firearms instructor is the privilege of training women (and women) at the local range. I am so passionate about training, I have dedicated time during three days of the week to train. My goal is to facilitate a positive experience, increase confidence in handling a firearm, and have a working knowledge of how and why the bullet leaves the gun. Part of the training includes trying several different handguns, both revolvers and semiautomatics.

My personal favorite gun is the Springfield Mod 2 9mm. It is my “Carry” and I have affectionately named it, “My Companion”. It goes everywhere with me and I am super accurate when firing it. There are a couple of reasons that make it my first choice. First, it has a double safety. My hand must be tight up on the back strap to depress the first safety and the second is on the trigger. I mean business when my hand is on the gun. The second feature that I love is the sight system. The front sight can be changed to green or red and the back sights are white. I can clearly focus on that front sight, probably why I am so accurate with this firearm. The third feature is the texture of the grips. Springfield designed the Mod 2 specifically with a smoother texture. I tend to perspire when I am training, and my hands can be sensitive to rougher grips. The last feature that I love could be a positive or a negative for someone. The weight of the gun, it is a little heavy as a conceal carry. But the upside to the weight is the recoil. The heavier the gun, the less recoil. It is a perfect balance for me.
Several of the women that I have trained have purchased this firearm for their personal protection gun. When you have a gun that you are comfortable with and enjoy training, you will spend more time at the range. Investing time and energy into increasing your skill set will prove a worthwhile investment.

In the news with Cyndee’s

New Year, New Leathers

 We are really excited about the new leathers Cyndee has selected for the 2018 production line, especially this embossed floral leather!

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"Ann" Cross Carry Purse Whiskey Magic Red
Interested in selling our line?
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Personal Safety Tip:

The most effective way to move yourself down on the Victim scale: ZIP YOUR PURSE SHUT! It really is that simple.
Learn more about Personal Safety with our Stay S.A.F.E. Programs.

Remember, You’re Right To Carry!




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