As A Youth

I have been around guns my entire life. I grew up with guns in our house and my grandparents house. I knew they were there, the gun cabinet was a piece of furniture. As a teenager, on our way to family reunions, we traveled the back roads and would stop and shoot my dads handgun.

As An Adult

My husband would take our sons and spend the day “playing in the desert”. Occasionally, I would join them, mainly to spend time with my family. I would shoot two or three magazines with my 9mm, then I would blast a #10 can with my 20 gauge shotgun. Most of the time, I hung out in the shade and enjoyed the day with my family.

As I Turned The Corner

I started working outside of my home, so I began to carry concealed. I was so frustrated with the purse I was using. It was supposed to be a “conceal carry” purse. However, the pocket was barely big enough and the weight of the gun caused the zipper to split. I began to feel that I need a more secure way to carry my firearm and I felt that I needed to have a better understanding of my gun. How and why it works. What makes the bullet leave the gun?

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