Women have misconceptions regarding their personal safety. We think if we are smaller and/or weaker than the average perpetrator, we have lost the fight. This is not true, but we must have a shift in our thought process. Remember, we don’t think like a perpetrator!

  1. You Can Try And Reason With An Attacker: This is not possible as we think on two different levels and adhere to different social norms. You cannot talk your way out of the situation. You must be respond quickly and decisive. This requires you to have considered what you would do in an attack situation. As you go throughout your day, reflect on what you would do if someone approached you threatened your safety.
  2. Calling For Help Will Stop The Attack: You are your first responder. While soliciting assistance is possible, the only way to definitely to stop the violence is to cause injury. Anything can become a weapon, use it to injure/stop the perpetrator. Do not hesitate. Do not stop to access the situation. This gives the perpetrator time to recover and resume the attack. Now if he hesitates, that is a critical moment of survival for you. The objective is to injure, not just cause pain. Pain will not stop the attack.
  3. Martial Art Skills Are Critical: You know the areas of the body that are more sensitive, focus on those areas. The objective is to injure. It does not matter if the broken rib is from a shoe, umbrella or self-inflicted with a fall, what is important is the rib is broken. Find your target on their body and use all the force possible.
  4. React And Retreat Are The Best Defense: Many self-defense classes teach you to react to the perpetrator’s actions. This places you in the reaction mode. If you are in a life threatening situation, you are fighting for your life. Don’t think about what he is doing, make him wonder what you are doing. Do not back up. You can control your movements better moving forward. If you retreat two steps, he can more forward three steps and overpower you. Keep on the offense. Make every strike count. Remember, anything can become a weapon. For example: if you had a bag of rocks, you could throw the rocks one at a time. Consider keeping the rocks in the bag and using the entire bag, swing and hit your mark. You would inflict injury not just pain.

Understand that if there is a violent attack, you are literally fighting for your life. You must fight as if you are fighting for your last breath. There are no rules that must be followed. Consider what you would do. If you have not thought about what you would do, you will more than likely freeze, instead of Flight or Fight. Freezing could cost you your life. If you have mentally prepared, you may feel some fear but it will be outweighed with confidence and knowledge of how you will not be a victim.

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