What can we learn from the TWO events in Orlando last weekend? One has rocked the headlines, the other just a mere mention. Both involved firearms and shooters that the motive, at this point, can not be identified. Both have important lessons that we can learn from, one negative and the other positive.

No One Defended Themselves

300 patrons and one shooter in a nightclub. No one defended themselves with a knife, pepper spray, bar stool or even a bottle of liquor. Every person in the club had on a pair of shoes. There were several times the shooter was vulnerable. The gun jammed, shooter talked on a cell phone and at point, he washed his hands. Why was he not rushed? Why didn’t they take off their shoes and pelt him? Where there other opportunities to save their life?

120 fans, one singer and one shooter. The shooter did not count on the older brother of Christina Grimmie, Marcus. As he watched his baby sister, sign autographs, he was mindful. The shooter shot, Marcus immediately tackled him to the ground. In the struggle, the shooter shot and killed himself. Marcus Grimmie is a hero. He knew he was Christina’s protector and did not hesitate. His actions saved 120 fans from the threat of injury or possible death. Why was he so quick at act in the face of death?

Different Actions, Different Outcome

Two events in the same town, a little more than 24 hours apart. Different actions, different outcome. Why? We can learn an important and fundamental lesson from these events. In order to save your life, you must think about how and when to react. In the nightclub, it would appear that there was no thought given to “How would I react to a threat on my life?” prior to the shootings. In the case of Marcus Grimmie, he obviously had thought about what he would do if felt there was a threat of danger.

Your body can not do want your mind has never considered. When faced with life threatening events, you will fight, flight or freeze. If you have never considered what you would do, you will most likely freeze. Freezing can cost you precious moments that may save your life. In the middle of an event is not the time to decide what to do to defend yourself. You lose most of your fine motor skills with the adrenaline rush. Having a decisive plan is essential to defending your life and the life of others.

So the final question is, “What would you do”? Now is the time to think about your plan of action.

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