Safeguarding your family is proactive. This is something you will create before there is an incident or tragedy. Meet with all the members of your “tribe”. A “tribe” for the blog is defined as the people living in your home. If you have roommates or multi-generations, they are members of your tribe. You will want to discuss your plan of action if you suspect there is an intruder in your home.

Create A Safe Room In Your Home

In most homes, the master bedroom is your safe room. This does not require metal doors and bars on the windows. Typically it is the furthest from the front door, has a bathroom and a large closet. Charge your cell phones in your bedroom (and those belonging to underage members as well). If you don’t sleep in something you are comfortable wearing on the sidewalk, you may want to keep a pair of yoga pants and tee shirt handy.

Establish a phrase that lets everyone know that there is threat. We would say, “The barn is on fire”. We did not have a barn and the word “fire” instills the need to move. You should practice this with your tribe. Once the phrase is said, everyone should go the safe room. With everyone in the safe room, shut the door and shove flip-flops or thin sandals under the door, filling the space between the door and the floor. This will make it very difficult to open the door. Slide furniture in front of the door, like a dresser or bed. You are wanting to make it as difficult as possible for the “threat” to breach the door. Don’t stand behind the door, move away from that space. Bullets will travel through the door. Call 911.

In the safe room, you must have a way to defend yourself and others. This can vary based on your personal preference and skill set. Anything can become a weapon, if necessary. I would suggest a bat, fire extinguisher, sword or firearm.

Neutralize The Threat

As soon as possible, have a duplicate key to your front door. Go to the dollar store and purchase a package of glow in the dark bracelets. If you are in your safe room, activate the glow stick and add the duplicate key. Open your window and throw it on the lawn. While on the phone with 911, advise the dispatcher that there is a key to the front door on the lawn attached to a glow stick. This will allow the police to get into your house faster and neutralize the threat to you and your family.

You have the right to protect your possessions but I say protect your family. Everything else is just things that can be replaced. Create a safe room and teach your family how to be safe.

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