9 Easy Ways to Protect Your Home | Cyndee's Conceal Carry

You can dramatically increase your home security in simple ways. The things you may not give a second thought to, can put you on a thief’s radar. Give this list a read to make sure you implement these changes today, to keep your family safe.

1)     Don’t leave large cardboard boxes on the curb. Break down the boxes to fit them in your recycling bin. You don’t want to announce that you have a new large screen TV or sound bar in your home.

2)    Want an easy alarm for your bathroom or kitchen cabinets? Here’s a DIY tip. Recycle and use the speaker system on musical greeting cards. Install the system in the cabinet and if the cabinet is opened, music will play. Won’t snooping guests be surprised?

3)    Give the impression someone is home when you are away on vacation. Use some of the cardboard from the TV box (tip #1) and cut out a silhouette. Place it in a front window with the curtains drawn. This works whether you are on vacation or anytime you want others to think you are home.

4)    Put a “Beware of Dog” sign in the front window. You can even place any empty dog dish at the front entrance. Even if you are not a dog person, this makes someone think twice.

5)    If you live alone, you can give the impression that another person lives there. Place a pair of work boots in the front entrance.

6)    Keep the bushes in the front of your home trimmed lower than your waist. They can provide cover for someone breaking into your home. Unfriendly bushes are the best; roses, cactus, etc.

7)    Windows can be a vulnerable part of your home. Increase the security by placing wooden dowels in the track of all windows. Secure your sliding glass doors with a dowel in the track. It makes opening either very difficult.

8) Put a sign on your lawn stating you have a security system, whether you do or not. Place decals on your windows. You can order signs and decals on the internet.

9) Keep your porch light on 24 hours a day. It will cost you pennies and your front door will always have light. It gives a clear view of the comings and goings to your nosy neighbors. This time having a nosy neighbor can work in your favor.

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