About Me

Cyndee Harding, Founder and Creator of Cyndee’s Conceal Carry Purses

All of my purses are named after women who have had an impact on my life. They have inspired me for the design of the purse. Which style reflects you?

Note: We designed the interior to be a “real” purse. One side of the interior has deep pockets (like a diaper bag pocket) and a zippered pocket on the opposite side. This interior is duplicated in all purses in my purse line. It allowed me to use this purse as my real purse, the fact that I can carry a firearm is a bonus.

I am confident that you will find a style that reflects you!

The Meri

“MERI” is named after Meri H. She is the first production manager that I worked with, she guided me. She taught me about the logistics of designing a functional purse. While I wanted beautiful, gorgeous leather hand bags, there are several considerations. One being that leather can only be sewn once. The second is the thickness of the leather plays a large role in how the purse “drapes”.

The Meri is very functional. The Meri is designed for the women on the go. Busy everyday all long! It is a bucket style that will accommodate your personal items as you move from office to home and back to office.

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The Ann

“ANN” is named for my friend who is a hair stylist, Ann M. She always wears her purse as a cross body. She was the perfect inspiration for this design. It needed to be slim yet functional. We all know that personal services providers often deal with cash. The “carry pocket” on this bag, works perfectly as a place to stash and lock to secure cash during the day. This purse will shape to the curves of your body and can be worn all day.

The Ann is for the woman with little time for distractions. Knowing where the purse (and money) is at all times, she focuses on the task at hand as she goes throughout her day.

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"Ann" cross carry purse

The Nicole

“NICOLE” represents my friend, Nicole H. She inspired and encouraged me at the beginning of this adventure. We met a coffee shop and she had a hobo style bag. On the outside of the bag at one end was a pinned brooch. During our conversation, she explained that the brooch represented the side of her purse where her firearm was secured. Lightbulb moment!! We started using a coin to identify the access side of the carry pocket in our purses.

The Nicole is for any woman who likes to have everything she (or others) may need. The interior is generous. Ready for anything at anytime. She is prepared for the day and evening.

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The Breah

“BREAH” is inspired by my niece. She recently graduated and is looking for a grand adventure. Ready to experience life and everything that includes. It is a cross carry bag with a flap covered with lace. It is the perfect mixture of leather and lace (to add a little spice).

The Breah is made for the adventurous and fun loving. No need to give a second thought regarding your purse. The closure of your purse is secure with the flap. It is designed to rest across your hip. You are prepared for the next big adventure!

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