At Cyndee’s, we focus on a three-step process designed to build a foundation, increase your defensive skill set, and elevate your personal security. We are all on a learning curve.  As the world around us changes, we must adapt and make the appropriate adjustments regarding our own safety. Here are three introspective questions that will help you discover which step you are on.

Concerned about your personal safety? Situational Awareness For Everyone (S.A.F.E.) offers training programs to keep you safe in your every day life.
Interested in firearms? Learn the science behind the gun. We offer several private training classes, each designed to increase your skill set.
Want to conceal carry and still reflect your style? Carry confidently with Cyndee’s Conceal Carry purses.

How can Cyndee’s get you to the next level of protection? See below.


6 Programs

Highly Recommend!

I took this class and it really helped me when I needed it most.I was able to do some quick thinking to get me away from a very bad situation. Highly recommend!



6 Courses

Shoot with Confidence

I was nervous going into this, but with Cyndee’s calm and confident demeanor (and patience) I was able to handle my firearm and shoot with confidence and actually hit the target…



6 Styles

You can’t go wrong!

I am really picky about purses, but I love the one I bought from her. She thought of every little detail! I’ve also taken 3 classes from her. I love that it’s a local business.


Carrying? Load and lock with Cyndee's